Thursday, March 16, 2017

Performance Poetry

I am writing a post about spoken word poetry today. Something very powerful happens when poetry is spoken aloud and performed.

Poetry in all its forms captures and expresses thoughts, feelings and experiences in a raw and visceral way. It is like a bird alighting on your hand something that wakes you to the sacred in the ordinary. Some poetry has flow and cadence, its lines undulate like a beautiful, untouched landscape. Some poetry has great clarity, it freeze frames a thought or feeling and describes it in photographic detail as if shot from many different angles at once. The greatest poems do both.

Performance poetry adds another dimension to this though. When a poem is spoken aloud it reveals its inner music. It becomes more than a poem. It becomes an incantation carrying the energy  of the poets voice. The poem suddenly becomes vulnerable and mistakes can be made that can be deleted or edited on a clean white page. Performance poetry is sometimes  edgy often unpolished but always true and always real.

Here are some of my favorite Performance poets and poems performed.